Grand opening – Mirus gallery – Denver

Swiss Watches – Kolly gallery x Happy gallery -Paris

Never Ending Fall – Mirus gallery San Francisco – Recap

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Gilbert1 opening February 16, 2018 from 7-10PM with the artist present. The show runs through March 10th

Gilbert1’s process takes its roots in experimenting and evolving as much as possible and trying different mediums. He has found his own vocabulary assembling volume shapes with raw material in reference of a decadent world, and transforming his abstract letter graphics into deconstructed structures.
Creating in situ anamorphosis led him to develop an optical vision he enhances now in studio. Having worked recently the last years on black and white drawings and also as studies for tattoos – dotwork, gradients, transparency, translations, negatives – brought him to research in depth, dimension and perspective.
For his first solo with Mirus Gallery, Gilbert1 wanted to work more in this direction, in order to integrate his usual compositions and graphics in a surrounding dimension and play with vanishing points. He was interested to work on depth and height sensations as a door which suddenly opens under feet, a kind of vacuum which could never stops and create another falling possibility axis.

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Pictures: Gilbert1 / Mirus gallery

Never Ending Fall – Solo exhibition at Mirus gallery in San Francisco

Never Ending Fall – Solo exhibition at Mirus gallery, San Francisco
February 16 – March 10, 2018
Opening Reception Friday, February 16, 7-10pm

Art Elysées in Paris – Galerie Wagner

Art Élysées–Art & Design is one of the major events during the Parisian Art Week, which takes place every year in October. The fair contributes to the capital’s artistic dynamism and activity. Art Élysées stands apart from other fairs by offering reliable assets, valuable works of art and an alternative to the current art market. Through its unique identity and strong stand on art, the fair is a key event for art aficionados and collectors. The Art Élysées–Art & Design fair showcases an exceptional range of art. Art Élysées is the only fair to present 4 different sections, each under an ephemeral pavilion set up along the Avenue des Champs- Élysées. Both French and foreign galleries present a substantial selection of works in response to the market’s current demands. During each edition the fair renews coherent dialogue between modern and contemporary art and 20th century design. Contemporary artists in constant motion can be found next to some of the greatest references that have marked art history of the 20th century. Effective and attractive business opportunities; Art Élysées is a key fair for buyers and art professionals.

Intersections – Collective exhibition at Galerie Wagner in Le Touquet

Collective exhibition with Helene Vans, Seize and Sebastien Preschoux at Galerie Wagner in le Touquet (fr).
Opening September 23th, 6pm

En géométrie, une intersection est le point où deux lignes se croisent, la ligne où deux surfaces se rencontrent…
Dans les œuvres d’Hélène Vans, Seize Happywallmaker, Gilbert1 et Sébastien Preschoux, les intersections sont nombreuses et font même partie intégrante de leur démarche respective.
A l’occasion de cette exposition, ces quatre artistes investissent librement la galerie, réalisant des œuvres in situ, à travers lesquelles s’exprime leur approche de l’espace, des éléments, de leur imbrication, de leur relativité.
Dans ses « pliages » par exemple, Hélène Vans crée un dialogue entre le lieu et l’œuvre en traitant la question de l’espace, du volume et de la forme induite.
Figure atypique du street art, Seize Happywallmaker interroge la géométrie parfaite des triangles qu’il connecte à d’hypnotiques cercles en réseaux colorés.
Formé à  l’école de la rue, Gilbert1 est fortement attaché au vécu de ses trouvailles, dont il extrait l’essence, en détourne le sens et leur donne nouvelle vie à travers de fragiles assemblages ou de monumentales fresques.
Enfin, Sébastien Preschoux tisse patiemment des centaines de sillons, recouvrant les lignes des poinçons laissées par le compas, livrant à notre regard des intersections aux effets intensément vibratoires…

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LAB/Salon collaborative painting with Graphic Surgery

Collaborative murals with Graphic Surgery painted for LAB Salon event in partnership with CCN Ballet de Lorraine and le MUR Nancy, Maxeville (FR)
Pictures Gilbert1

WORLD OF ILLUSION – Solo show at Artistik Rezo gallery in Paris – Recap

The exhibition runs from June 1st to July 6th 2017.

Galerie Artistik Rezo
14, rue Alexandre Dumas
75011 Paris
M° Rue des boulets

WORLD OF ILLUSION – Solo show at Artistik Rezo gallery in Paris – Opening May 31st

From June 1st to July 6th 2017.

Opening May 31st – 6pm to 9pm

Galerie Artistik Rezo
14, rue Alexandre Dumas
75011 Paris
M° Rue des boulets

Manifeste Urbain exhibition – La Lune En Parachute in Épinal – With Bault & Katre

Installation/anamorphose – Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nancy

Assemblage sur porte grillagée – Art42 in Paris

Handmade unique silkprint serie

Serie of handmade unique silkprints on 300g/m2 grain Arche paper,  57 x 77 cm.

Every print is unique. The shapes composing the work are not always placed in the same position, some appears on certain prints and are not present on the others.

Some colours are different from one to the other, and sometime appears shades by a mix of colour (turquoise/blue, orange/red).
There is between 10 and 16 passages on each print, and between 9 and 11 colours.

Luxembourg Art Fair – Orlinda Lavergne Gallery

Mobile sculpture

New work – Assemblage on a door

Le MUR – Book release

Le MUR located in the crossing of rue Oberkampf and rue St Maur in Paris, is an original project where every two weeks a new artist is covering an ancient work done by another one. A new book at Hermann edition is collecting each performances during 2010 and 2015, 125 artworks done by as much artists.

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Opening urban art museum Art42 – Paris



Art42 the first (non) urban art museum has opened this week end in Paris during la Nuit Blanche.

A new book about the project has come out in Opus Délits collection from Critères éditions.

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Pictures: Julien Pesce, Gilbert1

Ô Gravity – Duo show with Etnik – Orlinda Lavergne Gallery


Apart from all predefined borders and antithesis of any academicism, the graffuturism lets artists total freedom, with the aim to bring graffiti into a new dimension. But it specifically the aesthetic link with the Italian futurism movement and his criticism of modern society, that this exhibition «O Gravity» is trying to suggest.
Etnik’s 3D representations of urban cities, as metaphysical landscapes, symbolise a critical interpretation of our urban spaces and their special aesthetic. Gilbert1, with his chaotic universe in appearance, raw and authentic, dynamic and powerful, he researchs movement and deformation of space, in order to symbolise a form of emergency.

For the occasion I was proud to present my first mobile work made of paper, carboard and wood.

Pictures: Orlinda Lavergne Gallery, Daisy tofo, Gilbert1

Collab with Etnik – Le MUR Mulhouse


During Mecaniques Urbaines festival in Mulhouse, Etnik and me have painted a large wall with le M.U.R. Mulhouse. A great moment and also some nice meetings, thanks to everyone.

Pictures: Jean-Paul Houille