Refractions – Collective exhibition at Kirk Gallery – Aalborg (Denmark)

Among others you’ll be able to explore the universe of 9 new international artists picked from the top shelf with the wish to give a taste of what’s happening right now at the international scene for modern abstraction and ”Graffuturism”.

Originally the term “Graffuturism” was created by the American artist and art commentator Poesia, who edits and publishes an online blog under the same name; today. With a background as a well-respected graffiti artist with a twenty-year history, he felt there was something missing to depict the gap between graffiti and urban art which led to the term “Graffuturism”.

The term hereby embraces the latest currents within urban art/graffiti and at times also futurism, bridging the gap between these concepts and the energy in between.

Artists: Thomas Canto, Soda, Oliver Vernon, Christian Calabro, Crystal Wagner, Bond Truluv, Hueman, Rachel Hellmann, Augustine Kofie, Gilbert1, Rikke Bjørn, Nawer

Exhibition from 4th to 25th February – Kirk gallery

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